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TCM product

ZTP has a diverse range of TCM products available in more convenient forms such as pills, capsules, soft gels, powders and syrups. They are safe, effective and are all approved by relevant license authorities.

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  • Gold Cordyceps Buy 2 Free 1
Gold Cordyceps
Box (60 Vegecaps) S$98.00
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American Ginseng Powder
Bot (75g) S$32.00S$28.80 
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  • Cordyceps, Cracked Ganoderma Buy 2 Free 1
Cordyceps, Cracked Ganoderma Spores Powder
Bot (50g) S$150.00
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  • American Ginseng & Cordyceps Buy 2 Free 1
American Ginseng & Cordyceps
Box (60 Vegecaps) S$70.00
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  • China Wild Ginseng Buy 2 Free 1
China Wild Ginseng
Box (60 Vegecaps) S$120.00
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Showing 5 of 5 Results