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Huo Xue Tou Gu Gao

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For sprains, strained muscles, bruises, rheumatism, body aches and tiredness.


Available in 5 pieces


Each gm contains:

Resina commiphorae myrrhae 30mg

Bletillae striatae rhizome 30mg

Rhaponticum uniflorum 30mg

Carthamus tinctorius 30mg

Cimicifuga foetida 30mg

Ampelopsis japonica 30mg

Rheum offinale 30mg

Gardenia jasminoides 30mg

Glycyrrhiza uralensis 30mg

Borneol 20mg

Aloe ferox 40mg

Herbal mentha 50mg

Indigofera tinctoria 30mg

Resin 150mg

Zinc oxide 30mg

Methylsalicylate 5mg

Indigocarmine q.s.

Tartrazine q.s.

Sesame oil add to 1g

How To Use

Dosage: Not more than 2 pieces a day. For maximum benefit, wash and dry affected area before application.

Cautions: Do not apply on infected skin or open wounds. Remove plaster immediately if itchiness or pain occurs. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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