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Huo Xue Tou Gu Gao 5pcs

Pkt (5 pcs)


  • Huo Xue Tou Gu Gao 5pcs

Huo Xue Tou Gu Gao 5pcs


  • One or two pieces per day. Wash and dry skin before application.


Unique Features:

  • Stick well to skin and will not cause pain when removing the plaster.
  • Plaster is air-permeable and will not cause skin irritation.
  • Soft plaster for easy application to different parts of the body, i.e. elbow, knee, etc
  • Natural herbal fragrance.
  • High elasticity prevents from teaning and not easily removed during vigorous exercise/movement.
  • Medicament does not stain clothings.


Special Precautions:

  • Not for pregnant women.
  • Do not apply on to infected skin with pus formation or open wound.
  • Remove plaster immediately if itchiness or pain occur, can reapply after a few  days. However, do not use it again if itchiness or pain persists. 
  • To remove residue left by the medicament, use non-stcky surface to rub against the skin.
  • Sticky or oily skin will affect the firmness of the plaster. Wash and dried surface before application.



  • Store in cool, dry place.