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Collagen Hashima With Korean Ginseng 75g x 6

Box (75g x 6)


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Hashima, also known as Snow Jelly, comes from the fatty tissue near the fallopian tubes of snow frogs, from Chang Bai mountain region in China. It is produced primarily in the Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning provinces in China. It is often consumed as a dessert delicacy. Apart from being a delicious bowl of Chinese dessert, hashima can also improve health.

ZTP Collagen Hashima with Rock Sugar and Korean Ginseng is prepared using premium grade hashima together with quality Korean ginseng, collagen and rock sugar. It is a powered up version of Korean Ginseng Hashima With Rock Sugar. The combination of hashima, korean ginseng and collagen help maintain good skin health, nourish Lungs, boost energy and relieve fatigue. It is an ideal health tonic for the young and old.


ZTP Collagen Hashima with Rock Sugar and Korean Ginseng is manufactured under strict quality control and hygienic condition according to HACCP requirements. It is capped using vapour vacuum sealing, followed by sterilizing at high pressure and temperature. 100% natural with no stabilizer, preservatives and colouring. It is ready to drink and can be consumed directly from the bottled chilled or warmed. Consume within 24 hours after opening. Keep refrigerated once opened.


Net Weight: 75gm × 6 bottles


Hashima, Korean Ginseng, Collagen, Rock Sugar, Water

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