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Our Logo

The Heart Of ZTP - Brand Identity

ZTP Logo Concept

The ZTP Logo uses the Chinese character 正 (zheng[4]) to signify righteousness, truthfulness, authenticity and trustworthiness.

The character is rendered in gold to symbolise the purity and truth of gold, and to portray the wealth that is associated with good health. After all, health is wealth, as the saying goes.

The 正 character is surrounded by a red circle because circles and the colour red have auspicious associations.

In our retail outlets, we use the logo with the name of the brand in English (acronym only) and Chinese (full name) written below and on the right side respectively. This is to allow easy identification for customers, who will look for us based on our name.

The names are written on a “wooden plank” which supports the 正 logo like a boat. The "wooden plank" is a reminder of the history and culture of TCM, while evoking memories of wooden signboards above the homes of TCM doctors in ancient China.

Company Slogan

Our slogan encapsulates our core values – to provide authentic products at reasonable prices, for young and old, without prejudice.

Our Promise

We hold to our promise of providing authentic and accessible healthcare to all who need it. Ensuring that production processes are efficient means we keep prices affordable for our customers. From source to finished product, ZTP controls costs and standards so as to offer the best possible prices.