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Our Team

A Well-Trained Retail & Production Teams

ZTP Corporate Culture

ZTP has a strong culture of continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers. This culture is entrenched in our employees when they observe the way our management drives the business. In other words, the management leads by example.

Sales Team Training
Our Retail Team
Our Production Team

All employees are trained in what the brand stands for and why we are in business. This includes inculcation into the core brand values. We also urge each and every employee to fulfil ZTP’s promise to its customers on a daily basis.

Retail Audits

Our retail team conducts ongoing retail audits in every store to ensure that our staff members are living up to our brand promise and that customers are satisfied. We make it a practice to audit each store at least every 6 months. The audit is done through store visits and observation, staff observation, and yearly customer surveys.

Staff Training

Our production team members undergo training regularly to ensure that they are well versed in the production process and that they know their role is important in our promise to customers. We demonstrate that it is the products that are our bread and butter, and the main way we communicate with our customers and keep them happy. We hope that by illustrating this, the production team can take more pride in their work, which can sometimes feel too far removed from the customer end. This might lead to a failure in seeing a relationship with customers, and consequently, low quality in production or packaging details. Therefore, we strive to remind them that the company depends on them.